Foreword| Volume 34, ISSUE 1, Pxiii, February 2023

Insights with Friends

Published:October 17, 2022DOI:
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      Santos F. Martinez MD, MS, Consulting Editor
      Orthobiologics has progressively permeated diverse subspecialties in medicine. Just a few years ago, this was considered a fringe topic with a very select following. Now Orthobiologics is considered a mainstream modality for musculoskeletal and sports medicine practitioners. National and international researchers and practitioners congregate to discuss their latest findings and protocols. There are very few top academic facilities, Sports Medicine meccas, or national Orthopedic conferences that do not offer or include some form of regenerative or Orthobiologic leaning modality training. These approaches have further been enhanced by the refinement and availability of musculoskeletal ultrasound. In fact, there are a handful of US Medical Universities that now provide portable ultrasound training to first-year medical students as a point-of-care modality. Caution certainly is advised in following the science when offering what is a truly justifiable innovative treatment option versus exploitation with unproven strategies. Dr Podesta and Dr Khadavi offer the practitioner a very well thought-out practical format for those of us considering using Orthobiologics in our musculoskeletal practice. There is an insightful transition from the basic sciences to specific pathologic considerations. I commend the Guest Editors and authors for this excellent review for our reading audience.