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February 2023

Edited by Michael Khadavi, Luga Podesta

Since the inception of using cell-based therapies to stimulate and enhance the body's innate ability to heal, tremendous effort has been made to understand how the body heals and how we can safely and effectively enhance this healing process. Millions of dollars and countless hours have been spent over the past decade to increase this knowledge base and provide evidence-based, minimally invasive, treatment modalities that are safe and effective.

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics updates you on the latest trends in patient management, keeps you up to date on the newest advances, and provides a sound basis for choosing treatment options. Each issue focuses on a single topic in physical and rehabilitation medicine and is presented under the direction of an experienced editor. Topics include brain injury rehabilitation, electrodiagnosis, geriatric rehabilitation, musculoskeletal medicine, neuromuscular medicine, pain management, spine medicine, sports medicine/ortho rehabilitation, and stroke/neurologic rehabilitation.
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics publishes four times per year, in February, May, August, and November.